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All the latest news, viewpoints and events delivered to you for free.
All the latest news, viewpoints and events delivered to you for free.
Welcome to the July 2021 newsletter from Find Us On Web. Our email newsletter contains the latest news, viewpoints and events and is delivered for free, every month, to registered subscribers.

At FindUsOnWeb, we truly want to thank you all for trusting us in helping you achieve your vision! We want to show you how honoured we are to be the chosen business to drive your goals to reality. Each and every one of you in this community we have built is valued and your feedback is heard. We are continually improving our services to cater to your needs. “Created for you, by you”.

The past year’s events have changed the world and our lives. Find Us On Web has been actively supporting businesses with the use of free advertisements, guidance and overall support. Local
businesses have felt our input, by doing things like giving out printers, providing full access to any technology and the time we could supply. The feedback that has been given to us showed us that our virtual events have helped businesses with their feelings of isolation and helping them feel more in control in these times of uncertainty.

Let us Reintroduce FUOW.

Find Us On Web would like to welcome you to our monthly newsletter. Our dedicated team are continually looking at ways to ensure your business needs are met, so come and join us for the exciting times ahead.

Our Promise to you….

At Find Us On Web, we promise to listen, support and work with you to achieve your goals.

We can do it all, from website creation, marketing, networking events and yes, even free advertisements.

Find us on Web are passionate about our people and always looking for ways to give back to our community – and what better way than through the exciting and eagerly awaited voucher line; a place where you can benefit from exciting offers at discount prices. We have everything from discount holidays, family photoshoots, business qualification and so much more with up to a 95% discount!

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Company Updates

2021 has seen FUOW embraced the new year by expanding our services into travel and hospitality, allowing you to travel like a VIP a budget.

Our Buzz Magazine is one of the industry’s top information outlets, where we will be launching our new and improved version this month! Make sure you book in early to reserve your place and get your adverts seen by over 300,000 businesses worldwide!

Trade Shows.
Trade shows are now underway across the UK & Channel Island. Due to the current climate we have made all trade shows virtual and interactive. You will find many stalls, shows as well as a selection of entertainment for you and your team.
Top Trends To Thrive.

 Business Model Innovation and Sustainability.

Adapting is essential now more than ever where new plans must be put in place to accommodate the changing needs of our clients. Business operating models must have contingency plans in place as we move into the ‘new normal’ way of working. 

Sir Winston Churchill advocated the creation of the United Nations by claiming that one should “never let a good crisis go to waste.

This quote is so relevant and really highlights that through every crisis there is always an opportunity to make positive changes!  

In todays society, changing the way we do business is a must in order to survive and maintain sustainable. Businesses need to recreate themselves and adapt their services, ensuring they remain resilient and flexible to meet client needs. 

A business stated that owners should focus on having “nimble staff and diversified supply chains” to improve resilience and enhance their sustainability. 

A number of businesses also thought that resources such as budgets and people would remain the same (36%) or increase (28%) over the next 6 to 12 months, for a total of 64%.

Social Engagements

Zoom has now become the first business go to for meetings with suppliers, clients and many more. Keeping communication open is crucial during this time when competition is becoming more intense. In 2021, there will be a big push towards a more authentic presence on social media and one that is less curated by social media experts, such as real behind-the-scenes looks at a company. Along with this, there will be engaging influencers and micro-influencers —those key people will be driving conversations and engaging with your future customers.

Virtual Interface.

The face of business is continually changing with the use of technology. Smart, eye catching and simple to use websites. Now instead of seeing an employee first, potential clients can see all aspects beforehand. 

Global to Local

In 2020 there were a lot of reasons to begin to think more locally rather than globally—COVID-19 disrupted international supply chains, there were increasing tensions between the U.S. and China, and Brexit was also delivered. Companies began to rethink where they were sourcing and selling their goods because international turmoil could disrupt their business. More localised manufacturing and selling are also appealing for environmental awareness. 

Decentralised Finance.

Few had heard about decentralized finance (DeFi) in its early days in late 2009, beyond murmurs about Bitcoin and a mysterious new digital technology called blockchain. 

But a pandemic can change everything. 

Since May of this year, the total value locked (TVL)—the amount of any currency locked into tokens, the vehicle of holding and moving assets on blockchain, in smart contracts on a blockchain ecosystem—in decentralized finance projects rose a whopping 2,000 percent.

Many fintech leaders argue, Bitcoin is the world's answer to the 2008 financial crisis. Thanks to poor decision making and a lack of proper financial regulation, legacy financial institutions brought the world’s economy to its knees in the most major financial crisis since the Great Depression. The knee-jerk reaction was to create an ecosystem dependent on every link in the chain, rather than centralized authorities—hence the term "decentralized finance."

This year we have seen the mass increase in blockchain technology with bitcoin hitting its highest yet! Going forward there are many alternatives to take a look at:

Ethereum (ETH)

Bitcoin (BTC)


Stellar (XLM)

Cardano (ADA)


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TA Design Photography.

TA Design now offers photography courses online - allowing you to capture life most prescious moments on your very on own phone. This is an innovative course allowing you to gain years worth of experience in a short course.

TA Design has become a household name on the IOM and we are lucky to have TA Design assisting us with brochures , art and much more.

TA Design is an on-location portrait and lifestyle photographer in IOM. We specialise in personal branding photography, family photography, event photography and graphic design.

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November Digital Age Expo.
Something exciting is coming!!! Save the date for our first Virtual Trade Show on the 16th - 18th November 2021. 

The virtual show works much the same as a ‘real’ event, however you can ‘wander’ around at your own pace from the comfort of your office or home.

There are multiple opportunities for you to showcase your business and increase visibility to a wide audience at a budget that works for you!

If you purchase a stand, you can interact with potential clients, arrange meetings, show company videos, present product demonstrations and at the same time guests can collect your company literature and store it in their virtual briefcase.

In addition to having your own stand, you can also attend virtual networking sessions, interact with the Find Us On Web team, be a keynote speaker, advertise and even sponsor an area.

To view our demo visit
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Premium Products and Services
Reliance Marketing
Reliance Marketing
Reliance Industries Limited is an Indian multinational conglomerate company, headquartered in Mumbai. It has diverse businesses including energy, petrochemicals, natural gas, retail, telecommunications, mass media, and textiles...
Importance of Gambling Laws
GBGC- Global Betting and Gaming Consultancy
Gambling Laws across the world are very crucial and important to follow. Gambling is a licensed and regulated business by law. If you want to establish gambling business it is important that you contact a consultancy that they can help you and also give the right direction for your business. You have to keep up your business in understanding of the legislature plot gambling laws and the direction in requested to acquire acknowledgment...

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Premium Business Listing
Paramount Fitness.
Paramount Fitness IoM is a personal training solution for your needs. Specialising in weight loss and strength gain we can help you to achieve your personal goals for both health and confidence.
Ladies only Personal training group.
Claires Boutique - Bespoke Fashion.

High End Fashion for incredile prices . Claires Boutique loves a challange - Come join the team and challange me to find items you have seen for the best prices....I have NEVER lost a challange yet. Looking good is not about how much you spend.Class and style cannot be bought - Here at Claires we make it easy and cut out the airs and flares .

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Community Promotions & Adverts

Susan Lintell, an artist, illustrator, and Chartered Marketer.

Hi, I’m Susan Lintell, an artist, illustrator, and Chartered Marketer.Susan LintellWellness AdvocatedoTERRA Essential oilsMobile +44 (0)7797 

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The Concrete Flooring Contractors

Our highly skilled tradesman will lay your Polished Concrete floor to the highest standard leaving your floor looking amazing.

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Selkie Skin Care

100% natural skin ointments known to offer benefits for those with skin problems, allergies as well as helped those with sore joints/arthritis; they also feel beautiful when applied.

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J&S Carpet Cleaning Services.

Carpet Cleaner Hire Services IOM .Tel: 07624339663Email:

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